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The Placement Division of SSIM, Dwarka finds strength in the groups long cherished history and its network colleges. SSIM follows global placement methodologies and members of our Placement Division have tremendous expertise in Global Recruitment Process.
'Business Education is about capability not knowledge facts' As an educational institute our efforts is to connect talent with opportunity. Talent is in a student , who can aspire to pursue management education along with opportunities in life and the career beyond. What our institute is trying to do is to adapt the changing world in terms of socio-economic complex realities.Insitute prepares students to face challenges and exploit opportunities in globalised economy that is marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
Placement Activity
SSIM always understand the placement activity is important that will require working closely with students for competency mapping,career counselling and finding suitable placements for them. With the structural changes in the economy and new technology being adopted by industry, reskilling and upgrading world definitely ensure smooth functioning of industry, increased  productivity. Therefore, we recognising this trend, to take upgraded relevant skills set for the benefits for our students. We also emphasis on talent adaptability score is an indicator ability to respond  to future shifts in demand of placement.Our approach for the emerging world needed integration of required skills and managerial education with the main fundamentals of academics so that the student is geared and motivated to meet the challenges and opportunities of current times. 
Our Philosophy & Talent
The SSIM Institute encourages students to take student driven academic/professional initiatives to complement their classroom learning with practical aspects of the real business world. These activities range from organizing special events focusing on current affairs to carefully planned symposia and lectures that enrich the participants' professional, academic and extra- curricular interests. To achieve this student have various academic/professional clubs in different functional areas. The speakers for all these events are eminent business personalities. All the events are planned and executed by the students, in close coordination with Area faculty members.In the Pursuit of excellence, the student challenge your-self and transform his /her career.
We believe in making the process of imparting management education enriching and enjoy-full experience for students. For us , subject is just a medium, as we believe in preparing students for the real test that is LIFE! 

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