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PGPM Programme at SSIM builds on our expertise in research and consulting work. We offer specialization in various key domains including Marketing, Finance, HR and International Business. PGPM at SSIM promotes interactive approach to skill development and initiates logical and innovative thought process.At SSIM, we encourage students to explore ideas through live projects. We follow a complete transformative style of teaching where, students learn within a dynamic and lively environment.
Throughout the PGPM Programme, students are challenged to achieve greater outputs right from start which begins with an Orientation Programme. In this orientation programme, we test a student’s mental and physical ability which is usually conducted in a challenging terrain. Our adventure activities also includes Skiing, Mountaineering, Wild Life Photography, Camping, Rafting etc.
We at SSIM Dwarka lay maximum emphasis on Communication Skills and Personality Development. If a student cannot communicate his ideas in a crisp and persuasive manner,  then he is not going to find too many recruiters willing to employee him.  Thus students are trained to develop case studies, work on live projects, give presentations, write articles, etc. which assists them to develop great communication and personality.  
Aim of PGPM Programme
  • Provide Trained Work Force to Industry to match the needs of Growing Indian Economy 
  • Develop Adept Communication & Personality of MBA Students at SSIM.
  • Promote the Concept of Master in one Specialization, and not Jack of all Trades
  • Provide International Exposure to Students to understand Best Global Practices 
  • Encourage Adventure Activities like Skiing, Rafting etc to Develop Overall Personality of Students.