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The program offers two years full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management(PGDM).
PGDM programme is designed to develop students with the breadth of vision ,knowledge, skills and attitudes required to succeed  in the careers of the 21 st century business leader.Our PGDM programme gives emphasis to industry and business environment analysis, strategic management / current management, practical training and application strategy.
We believe in imparting the students with strong fundamental and conceptual skills and developing their managerial capabilities. Accordingly, the learning process involves a mix teaching techniques and self-learning exercises including Classroom Lectures, Case analysis, Field Studies, Seminars, Simulations, Group Projects, Role Playing and Independent Projects. These varied teaching styles provide a platform where the students can learn by active interaction in the class as well as through participation in various practical exercises.
Our curriculum is based on the latest management practices keeping in mind the current business scenario. The present developments in each of the specific areas are discussed, using articles and research papers from reputed, national and international journals. We also lay a strong emphasis on project work, which requires extensive in-depth research and field work. Regular presentations by individual students and groups are conducted; which help in enhancing communication skills and also lead to self-growth and personality development. Continuous evaluation through assignments and quizzes helps fine-tune the concepts already learnt. Eminent personalities from industry are regularly invited to deliver lectures on different contemporary issues and provide an insight into the corporate world.


PGDM Course Duration at SSIM Dwarka, New Delhi: Two Year Full Time Programme
Specializations: Marketing Management (MM), Financial Management (FM), Human Resource Management (HRM), Information Technology and Operations (IT & O) with option for Dual specialization.
PGDM Course Structure at SSIM Dwarka, New Delhi
The Programme has been organized I two years first and second year, each comprising of two semesters. The two-year course has been split over 4 semesters. The students will have to study 36 papers in all and 9 papers each in all semesters. The III and IV Semesters will have dual specialization subjects as well.
Our PGDM programme has been carefully designed to ensure top quality education. Through this programme we aim to provide our students with a detailed academic understanding of the various areas of management, while actively nurturing their overall growth through various personality development and corporate interaction programmes. Additionally, we also have various student-led business and cultural activities which play an important role in developing team-work and leadership abilities. 
The highly acclaimed Academic Advisory Council ensures that the course content for the post graduate programme is regularly reviewed by top academicians and corporate managers in India and abroad to inculcate the latest business concepts, case studies and technologies into our curriculum to equip our students with the necessary skills to make a difference in the constantly changing business world.
In the initial part of curriculum, we focus on providing an in-depth understanding of core areas of Management. This is important keeping in mind the diverse academic and cultural backgrounds of our students. Once the students have developed a basic understanding of the functional areas of management and supplemented it with practical exposure to the corporate sector by means of an internship, we assist students specialize in their particular areas of interest through a comprehensive list of electives. 
We strongly believe that the development of knowledge is not just a discipline or a function, but a mindset, a way of approaching all endeavors and attaining skills that will help in long term success. Our comprehensive set of elective courses, in conjunction with the core curriculum and various personality grooming activities allow our students to hit the ground running after graduation and keep that pace for the duration of their careers.
Our students are meticulously groomed and rigorously trained in all aspects of management. The diverse backgrounds of students help them to examine managerial issues from multiple perspectives. In addition, the friendly student and teacher community at our institution provides an environment which is conducive to innovation and knowledge sharing, thereby helping in the development of a healthy team spirit while preparing for the highly competitive business world.
First Year
PG 101-Oraganisation Behavior
PG201-Human Resource Management
PG 102-Essentials of Management
PG202-Financial Management
PG-103-Economis of Managers
PG203-Marketing Management
PG 104-Accounting for Managers
PG204-Marketing Science
PG 105-Quantitative Methods
PG205-Production Operations Management
PG 106-Legal Aspects in Business
PG206-Management Information System
PG 107-Computers Applications in management
PG207-Research Methodology
PG 108-Corporate communication and soft skills
PG208-Business Environment Analysis
PG 109-Project Management
PG209-Man Power Development for technological change
Summer Internship
On completion of 1st year, students are required to gain hands-on experience in the application of core concepts and functional skills. This practice of ’Learning by Doing’ helps the student relate the rigor of theory in the world of business. The students work on projects as per the specification of the company. At the end of eight to ten weeks of such a closely guided project, under the supervision of the company executive(s), they submit a report to the company and the Institute. The concerned company executive normally provides feedback to the Institute on the student’s performance. Successful completion of Summer Internship is an essential requirement for the award of the SSIM Diploma.
Second Year
PG301-Strategic Management
PG40- Corporate Tax Planning
PG302-Supply Chain Management
PG402- International Business and Trade
PG303-Business ethics and corporate Governance
PG403- Entrepreneurship
(3 Electives each from both specialization)
(3 Electives each from both specialization) Disaster Management
Faculty at SSIM enjoys academic freedom to adopt appropriate pedagogy for imparting education. Pedagogy would be a combination of lectures, case discussions, presentations, assignments and project work. The primary emphasis would be on interactive and participative methods of learning. Faculty for the program is primarily in-house from SSIM but may also include Adjunct or Visiting faculty. Guest lecturers from industry practitioners are also organized to expose students to the current business environment and practices.
Schedule of classes
Classes for the PGDM program are held every day starting at 9.30 am and can extend up to late evening hours, including weekends, to suit the requirements of the program. Each class is of 60 minutes duration. Attendance in all classes is compulsory.
Class Rooms
Spacious class-rooms with well equipped LCD projector, white Boards and PH system etc. make classroom an engaging and unique experience for all students.
Conference hall provides condusive environment for conducting events like conferences seminars workshops debates quiz meetings etc.  
Emphasis is laid on continuous evaluation of a students’ performance through the semesters.



List of Elective Paper

Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

PGM-01 International Marketing

PGH-01 Strategic HRM

PGM-02 Marketing Research and Information System

PGH-02 International HRM

PGM-03 Consumer Behaviour

PGH-03 Organisational  Development

PGM-04 Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations

PGH-04 Industrial Relations

PGM-05 Marketing of Services

PGH-05 Compensation Management

PGM-06 Competitive Marketing

PGH-06 Management Training and Development

PGM-07 Advertising and Sales Promotions Management

PGH-07Labour Law

PGM-08 Export Management

PGH-08Leadership and management effectiveness

PGM-09 Sales and Distribution Management

PGH-09 Cross Cultural and Global Management

PGM-10 Strategic Management

PGH-10Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

PGM-11 Rural Marketing

PGH-11 Managing Inter-personal and Group Processes

PGM-12 Product and Brand Management

PGH-12 Counseling Skills for Managers

PGM-13 Retail Management

PGH-13 Retail Management

PGM-14 Customer Relationship Management

PGH-14 Customer Relationship Management


Information Technology and Operations

Financial Management

PGITO-01 System Analysis and design

PGF-01 International Finance

PGITO-02 Data Base Management System

PGF-02 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

PGITO -03 Business Process re-engineering

PGF-03 Financial Derivatives and Risk Management

PGITO-04 Data Communications and Networks

PGF-04 Management of Financial Services

PGITO-05 Managing e-business

PGF-05 Strategic Financial Management

PGITO -06Managing IT and Enabled Services

PGF-06 Financial Decision Analysis

PGITO-07Enterprie Resources Planning

PGF-07 Project Planning, Analysis and Management

PGITO-08 Managing IT and enabled Services

PGF-08 Risk Management and Insurance

PGITO-09 Material and Purchase Management

PGF-09 Management of Financial Institutions

PGITO-10 Manufacturing System Design

PGF-10 Management Control System

PGITO-11 Service Operations Search

PGF-11Working Capital Management

PGITO-12 New Product Management


PGITO-13 Applied Operation Management


PGITO-14 Production Planning and Control


PGITO-15 Total Quality Management


PGITO-16 Re-engineering and Restructuring Process


PGITO-17 System Simulation