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The United Kingdom consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is situated in Northwest Europe. The first country on Planet to get industrialized, England is today part of the European Union, holds a seat in the UN, and is a strong economic power. The capital of UK is London, a global financial and cultural centre of the world. Besides being home to some of prestigious Universities, the UK has two worlds class universities at Oxford and Cambridge.
Students from SSIM Dwarka who would like to study a part of their degree at a partner UK University will be able to do therefore through the International Exchange Programme. The International Exchange Programme is intended for students of SSIM Dwarka who can study from one of our elite partner universities or from a member of the chosen University network. 
Tuition Fee
International Exchange students are required to pay additional tuition fee for their international exchange programme which may vary from Rs. 150,000 - Rs. 350,000, depending on duration of stay, number of students and partner university fee.
How to Apply
If you are interested to study part of your course in UK, please contact the SSIM Admissions Team and you will be provided with all information on International Exchange Programme.
Entry Needs
All International Exchange candidates should be current students at a foreign university or school of upper education and have completed a minimum of one year of study at their home university. The maximum time a students can spend at partner university is 3 Months. 
English Language Needs
All students area unit needed to fulfill the University’s minimum English needs by taking either IELTS or TOEFL. Most universities, however may exempt you from this.
Module Preferences
Please specify that modules you'd prefer to study while you're at a Partner University.For additional data please see our course listing.
Students Must Also:
  • Ensure that you choose modules of an appropriate level. If there's a selected module that you just area unit needed to require so as for you to graduate from your home university
  • Be aware that the conventional credit load for one semester is sixty credits. 
  • Ensure that attendance of less than 70% in Partner Institution may lead to termination of your exchange programme. 
  • Visas and Immigration
  • All international students travelling to USA are needed to get the right documentation as well as, a student pass and visa, medical check-up and insurance. For additional careful data please visit our provide holders section.
Health and Insurance
In compliance with the Ministry of Education, it's obligatory for all international students to own medical amount throughout their amount of study in UK.